Green coffee sourced from the most exciting Origins.

Right across the bean belt, we offer roasters a broad selection of traceable cultivars, processing methods and flavour profiles.  We cultivate personal relationships with likeminded Microlot producers and farmers who share our passion for ethical traceable coffee. 

We screen, cup and assess every coffee that we purchase.
Blind assessment of pre-shipment samples against the arrival is undertaken to
ensure quality is consistently to the highest standard. Our feedback and results are shared directly with our suppliers to create an open and transparent sourcing relationship.

Whether you’re an experienced roaster, an aspiring café
owner, or hobby roaster, we’re here to advise on bean selection, quality assurance, purchase planning and brewing methods. Our goal is to build long-term relationships,
provide guidance and flexibility in our purchasing models and range, to ensure you’re successful – and that this flows back to our wonderful producer partners at origin.