Sourcing Specialists for Curious Roasters

At LCM, we believe that great quality coffee is just the start of our purpose. Whilst we search
far and wide for exceptional green coffee from farms big and small, we believe that coffee is about
more than just the green we supply.

The team behind Langdon Coffee Merchants brings decades of combined experience in the coffee industry. With backgrounds in coffee trading, specialty roasting, Q-grading, café management and competitive brewing, our passionate teams in London, Auckland, Melbourne and Brisbane take their coffee seriously, very seriously!

Bridging the gap between source and sip.

In our case, having a small global team does not mean sacrificing expertise. In fact, we believe it is one of our key advantages, having the ability to be agile and work with suppliers all over the world, no matter the size, to source the best green coffee available.

This flexibility allows us to consistently meet customer demands, with customer satisfaction at the forefront of importance. Covering a global market, our team has years of experience and learned knowledge about the coffee industry and is eager to share it.

We believe our team are the foundation of our strong reputation. With friendly sales and customer service teams willing to go above and beyond for customers, we provide a tailored service with consistency, honesty and transparency. It is these same people who have helped build and maintain relationships with farmers all over the world, working together to source and supply some of the most sought-after origins and coffee in the industry. But our dedication doesn’t stop there.

We understand everyone has their own preferences and tastes, and each coffee has its own distinctive characteristics and story to tell. We are passionate about telling that story, while bridging the gap between source and sip, so that more people can enjoy the specialty coffee experience that we have to offer.

For more information on our team and how we can assist you in your green coffee needs, contact us today.