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Honduras Lucila Fernandez W 35kg

TASTING NOTES: Butter, Cream, Tea Rose
Process: Washed
Varietal: Parainema

Lucila's journey into the world of coffee began when her and her husband Juan, inherited a property that included a coffee farm. Lucila's passion for coffee as she continued to participate in the day to day work on the farm with her husband and sons.

Several years ago, Lucila fulfilled her coffee dreams, of owning a plot of land dedicated to the Parainema varietal. Lucila, Juan and her sons are dedicated to producing exceptional coffee on their farms, using meticulous processes to uphold quality.

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To begin the washing process, the cherries are carefully de-pulped on the day of harvest, followed immediately by a dry fermentation period of 18-24 hours in dedicated tanks. Once removed from the tanks, they are rinsed in water multiple times before being transferred to parabolic solar dryers. Over 8-14 days. the parchment is carefully hand sorted to remove any defects. This lengthy dedication to the process has resulted in well balanced cup with aftertastes of gentle floral, with tasting notes of Butter, Cream and Tea Rose.

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