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PNG Y1 W 60kg

TASTING NOTES: Red Fruits, Cocoa, Full Bodied
VARIETAL: Typica, Bourbon
ALTITUDE: 1500masl

Located in the central highlands of Papua New Guinea, Simbu province is the third largest coffee producing region in the country, providing livelihoods for roughly 300,000 locals.

We are proud to have partnered with one of PNG’s top producers, Jerry Kapka, founder of Kongo Coffee. Jerry has been pivotal to the continual improvement of Simbu’s coffee quality, supporting growers through fair pricing as well as access to education on plant maintenance. 

Jerry’s positive relationship has expanded to the local community through the establishment of the Jerry Kapka Foundation, where a portion of Kongo Coffee’s profits are channeled into community advancement projects. The worthy causes each year include funding schools that make education accessible for all, hospitals that provide complex medical procedures and medicine for women and children, and the introduction of youth groups.

Kongo Y1 encompasses the wider Simbu region, allowing farmers to contribute coffee grown year-round and providing a vital income link for coffee producing families. Simbu is prized for its unique profile, bringing crisp acidity, with well refined fruit tones and a sweet finish.


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