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Honduras Evin Moreno SL28 35kg

TASTING NOTES: Cherry, Nectarine, Black Currant
Process: Washed
Varietal: SL28
Altitude: 1,620masl

Evin is part of a group of small Honduran producers whom we have been continuously working with for more than four years. Evin was originally a vegetable grower, but as production costs outweighed profits, he took the advice of his grandfather and switched to cultivating coffee.

After economic turmoil in 2012, Evin's wife moved to Spain to work and sent money back home for Evin to produce coffee. In 2013, Evin placed 12th in COE and his wife was able to return home. 


Now, Evin is determined to continue elevating the quality of his coffee, through better farming practices and improving his approach to processing. His commitment to enhancing the quality of his coffee reflects his aspirations for the future. His coffee is complex and fruit-forward; this SL 28 is a standout.

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