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Honduras Rene Melgar Anaerobic 69kg

TASTING NOTES: Blackberry, Praline, 70% Dark Chocolate
PROCESS: Anaerobic Honey

Rene's grandfather was originally one of the largest coffee producers in the region, and taught his father everything he knows. In 1992, Rene's father was able to plant his first hectare farm, and has been growing his land of coffee plantations ever since. Today, Rene runs his father's coffee plantations, as well as his own 4 hectares in the municipality of Cabanas. 

At 1680masl, this anaerobic honey processes coffee is carefully picked and taken to the wet mill, where the cherries are put directly into plastic bags. This step aims to exclude oxygen for 48 hours to create anaerobic fermentation. The cherries are then de-pulped and taken to the parabolic solar dryer with the mucilage in tact, for approximately 18 days. During the drying process, cherries are sorted by hand to remove defects.


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