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Honduras Proyecto Cabanas Washed

TASTING NOTES: Red Apple, Orange, Milk Chocolate
VARIETAL: Lempira, Catuai, IhCafe 90, Pacas

In 2012, Proyecto Cabanas began with just 3 coffee farmers, a pulping machine and 3 raised bed on a rented plot of land. Now, this washed varietal is produced by approximately 20 coffee farmers, each occupying 2.5 hectares of land each. Located in Los Planes, the average metres above sea level is 1650, and once the cherries are harvested and brought to the mill, it is pulped and goes directly to a mechanical washer to remove the mucilage. It is then dried on African beds and rotated every 30 minutes for consistent drying. The drying process lasts 15 days, and during this time, the parchment is hand sorted to remove defects.

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