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Honduras Edwin Sabillon Honey

As a child, Edwin helped work his fathers coffee fields, where his father would later pass on his passion for coffee. In 2007, Edwin's father gifted him 1/2 hectare of land, which had Catuai planted and Edwin continued to harvest this until an extreme attached of Roya in 2011. In 2015, Edwin decided to try a different varietal, planting Parainema over 1 hectare of land. 

Now working closely with his brother, they support each other doing activities on each others farms. Located in the village of Las Flores, Edwin holds 2 hectares of coffee plantations at 1400masl, where he continues to improve the quality of his coffee, along with experimenting with different fermentation processes, including Honey Anaerobic. 

The honey anaerobic process that Edwin uses involves his carefully picked cherries going to the wet mill, where they are put into plastic barrels, aiming to exclude oxygen for 48 hours. The cherries are then de-pulped and the parchment is taken to the parabolic solar dryer, where they are dried with the mucilage for 15-20 days. During the drying process, the cherries are hand sorted to remove any defects.


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