Mountain Harvest, Uganda

Mountain Harvest, Uganda

LCM are always on the lookout for progressive exporters and producers, and we are thrilled to introduce Mountain Harvest, our newest partner in the UK. Mountain Harvest are empowering farmers on the ground and abroad to challenge the status quo, and we are very excited to be apart of their ongoing journey.

About Mountain Harvest
In 2017, Mountain Harvest was born, and they immediately began the task of reshaping the way that the world views and tastes Ugandan coffee. Now with over 40 farmers, their mission is to challenge what it means to produce coffee in Uganda, while offering crucial services to their small holder farmers to increase their productivity and create a more sustainable and equitable future.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Mountain Harvest's mission is their focus on amplifying the voices of Ugandan farmers. By prioritizing local talent and employing predominantly Ugandan staff (41 of 43 employees are Ugandan), they're not only creating job opportunities but also driving positive change within the coffee sector. With nearly half of Uganda's population under the age of 18, Mountain Harvest is actively contributing to youth employment.

Recognizing the financial challenges faced by smallholder farmers, Mountain Harvest has implemented transformative measures to uplift their communities. Guaranteeing farmers 30% above market price and establishing an in-house microfinance program, are just a few examples of their commitment to sustainability and social impact. Within the first 3 months of starting their micro-loan initiative in 2022, they disbursed over $27,000 USD in loans to farmers in Mount Elgon, empowering them to break free from the cycle of poverty and invest in their livelihoods and children's education.

Mountain Harvest also recognises the importance of income diversification, launching programs to build resiliency on the coffee farmland. Although coffee production will always remain the focus for these small farm holders, the introduction of avocados, beehives, rabbits and more have been purposefully chosen to improve income, will aiding the land and soil for coffee production. 

In addition to supporting farmers in diversification and increasing income, Mountain Harvest is dedicated to achieving excellence in coffee quality. By investing in central processing infrastructure and implementing a transformative gender inclusion program, they've made significant strides towards creating a more inclusive and sustainable supply chain. Their efforts have resulted in a remarkable increase in female participation, from 13% in 2019 to nearly 50% in 2022, demonstrating their commitment to diversity and equality.

We at LCM are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our first container of Ugandan coffees from Mountain Harvest, scheduled to land in April. We're excited to share these exceptional coffees with our customers and showcase the incredible work being done by our new partners in Uganda.

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