Meet Brazil's Pedro Gabarra

Meet Brazil's Pedro Gabarra

LCM Australia is thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Pedro Gabarra. Operating multiple farms spanning thousands of hectares, Pedro has demonstrated decades of commitment to consistency and quality. Coming from a family with more than 150 years of coffee farming experience, and being a sixth generation Brazilian coffee farmer, we can safely say Pedro knows what he is doing.

Pedro's farming operations are situated in Minas Gerais, the heart of Brazilian coffee, producing over 20 different varietals of green coffee. Fazenda Pinhal, one of Pedro's farms, sits at an altitude of 900 - 1200 metres above sea level, and explores 14 different processing methods to ensure he meets consumer demands and needs. On top of his quality focus, Pedro is always looking to make a positive impact On the environment, as well as the community of workers he employs.

Recently becoming a carbon negative certified producer, his Pinhal Farm was also named Brazil's most sustainable farm in 2019. Whilst only legally required to preserve 20% of the land by Brazilian legislation, Pedro’s Pinhal and Santo Antonio farms preserve in excess of 40% of their land.

One of Pedro's key programs is called the 'Wings Project'. In 2016, Pedro partnered with Area de Soltura de Animals Silvestres (Wild Animals Release Area), allowing threatened species to be rehabilitated and released in the protected forest areas on his farm. Some of the wildlife Pedro's team fosters are birds, opossums, porcupines, and even tortoises and snakes. Pedro and his team continue to run the Wings Project, always looking to expand their impact on reducing environmental issues with their facilities.

Pedro has also implemented a range of programs and benefits for his team and community. He continues to offer a payment towards renting a court to encourage sporting activities for his employees and their families.

When it comes to coffee, Pedro holds a range of certifications. Rainforest Certified, Carbon Negative, BSCA and AAA Espresso are just a few of the certifications his farms hold. It is a true testament to his ability to go above and beyond to produce fantastic quality coffee under these strict certification guidelines. Pedro's coffee has received praise and recognition, with three first place finishes and 3 more top 3 finishes in coffee certification competitions. With a strong reputation in the coffee industry, we are thrilled to be able to offer Pedro's coffee to the Australian market.

If you are interested in receiving some of Pedro's coffee, please reach out to your Account Manager today, or email to find out more.