How Long are Delays Here to Stay?

How Long are Delays Here to Stay?

Over the past week or so, harsh weather has not been kind to railway transport services around Australia. Heavy rainfall has come down across North and West South Australia, halting large portions of Trans-Australian Railway services. These railway services are crucial in connecting the Eastern states to Perth.

The railway line spans 2,688km, and approximately 400km of track has been impacted by the flood waters. With teams on the ground and air assessing the damage and the ways in which to effectively return the track to working order, it has been reported that delays may be up to 4-6 weeks for East to West deliveries. This breakdown in the track line haul delays hundreds of containers travelling around the country.  Add in the ​effects of COVID on supply chain and we suspect the delays may be around for some time.

We are still seeing limited space availability on inbound container vessels from all over the globe. Stemming from several issues, particularly the lack of containers and a strong reduction in the number of vessels sailing. When the limited number of vessels do reach our ports, there is a back log of processing through the port and additionally, delays with AQIS due to a lack of personnel. These further delays once reaching the port are resulting in product not leaving the port for often a week or two.

Many of you may be aware of these delays, but what do these delays mean for coffee supplies? 

As a company, we are working hard with all parties to ensure we are fully up to date on any delays occurring, and plan to keep you fully informed along the way via constant communication and updates.

Detailed below are our current order cut-off times for picking and despatch.

  • Interstate orders by 10am for same day despatch for delivery within 3-10 days.
  • Victorian Metropolitan orders by 12pm for next day despatch. Same day delivery is unavailable at this time.
  • Victorian Regional orders by 12pm for next day despatch and delivery within
    2 -3 days.

Our customer service team is always available should you have any questions or concerns regarding delays.