As we return to Honduras for the first time this year, our team are on the ground engaging with a range of amazing producing partners and looking at the new developments that will help influence Honduran coffee this year.
Located in the Central American coffee belt, Honduras sits among some of the strongest players in the global coffee trade. Making a name for itself in recent years, Honduras has become just as refined and sought after as its neighbours, producing some globally recognised and awarded coffees.

The peaks and plateaus of Honduras make it a perfectly diverse country for coffee growing, offering a variety of altitudes and climates to allow coffee to flourish in a multitude of ways. These varying coffee growing regions result in some of the finest and most refined citrus, chocolate, nutty cups, and are always a delight to experience when they come across our cupping table.

Facing adversity through economic and natural disasters, Honduran coffee has persisted through some very tough challenges. Through this however, the commitment by smallholder farmers to make their single origin micro lots a commodity, attracted notice from the government and in the 1990’s really took off. Most notably in recent years in our eyes, is the contributions of Benjamin Paz.

Benjamin employs a host of environmental initiatives including forest conservation practices, providing education to employees on pollution prevention, and utilising strategies to avoid water source contamination. Whilst producing outstanding coffee himself, Benjamin is also the liaison between producers and roasters in the Santa Barbara region. He has also used his connections and notoriety in the area to run a successful campaign to raise funds for families whose livelihoods were devastated by Hurricane Eta.

Maintaining a longstanding relationship with Paz, we have had the privilege of supplying and tasting some of Honduras’ best coffees over the years and supporting his community initiatives. And we are excited to be back visiting Benjamin in Honduras, with Matt and Quinton from the LCM team currently in Origin. 

Historically, contributions through incentives, formation of cooperatives to protect farmers, the formation of IHCAFE, and taxes being introduced to improve the accessibility of farms to trade routes, has allowed Honduran coffee to blossom into one of the finest origins in the world. With IHCAFE providing a wealth of economic and social benefits to farmers, Honduras has the potential to exceed the great quality coffee they are already producing.

As lovers of good coffee, the work and commitment by the people of Honduras caught our eye, and we knew we had to explore just what Honduran coffee could offer.  With partnerships through regions such as Copan and Santa Barbara, we are loving the micro lots Honduran farmers are producing and continue to support these farmers through supply of their well-balanced coffee.

Can’t wait for the new stock? We currently have a limited quantity available on a range of Honduran micro lots on hand, including Armando Pineda, Deiysi Munoz, Evin Moreno, and Fredy Perez.