Guatemala Santa Rosa

Guatemala Santa Rosa

Expanding on our offering from Guatemala this year we are excited to introduce coffee from the Santa Rosa region in Guatemala.

Although not officially recognised as its own region by Guatemala’s National Coffee Association Anacafe, Santa Rosa has become a sought after and important part of the Guatemalan coffee identity. Recently receiving place holders in the Cup of Excellence, Santa Rosa has defined its right to stand amongst the dominating Guatemalan coffee profiles.

With a vast expanse of farms, spanning a range of altitudes, soil types and microclimates, Santa Rosa is a hub of diversity when it comes to coffee. The lower lying areas are responsible for a majority of Guatemala’s commercial coffee production, whilst towards the higher peaks atop many towering hills, we see acidity driven micro lots.

Warm winds from the Atlantic help promote an earlier harvest cycle in Santa Rosa, starting in December and running through to March. Giving access to that iconic Guatemalan profile, the earlier harvest has been seen to help provide a much-needed complimentary cycle to the more well known Huehuetenango’s late harvest. As the eighth largest exporter of coffee in the world, Guatemala has become a regular part of most roaster’s rosters, as a standalone filter offering as well as a consistent foundation for blending.

As one of the first origins that Langdon Coffee Merchants imported into Australia, Guatemala has always been an important foundation of our sourcing program each year. Looking for the best representation of each type, understanding the distinct profiles of each region and when best to ship, has always been a key focus of ours.

Santa Rosa is a gem of the early season Guatemalans. For more information on what we have on offer this year, contact your account manager today, or email us at