First Ugandan Shipment is About to Arrive!

First Ugandan Shipment is About to Arrive!

Challenging the status quo of what is possible for the coffee production in Uganda

We're on the cusp of an exciting milestone here at Langdon Coffee Merchants – our inaugural shipment of Ugandan coffee from Mountain Harvest is about to touch down in the UK, and the anticipation is palpable.

A coffee company for Ugandans and by Ugandans, Mountain Harvest are providing access to some unique specialty coffees out of Uganda. Led by Kenneth, the Managing Director, and Nico, the COO, their commitment to showcasing Uganda's unique specialty coffees is evident from the first meet. It's no wonder Uganda has earned the moniker 'the pearl of Africa.'

In our interactions with Kenneth and Nico, their enthusiasm for their craft is infectious. Beyond simply offering exceptional coffee, Mountain Harvest is leading the charge for inclusivity and empowerment within Uganda's coffee industry.

Kenneth, a recognized thought leader in the field, is pioneering new models and systems to uplift farmers and standardize best practices. By prioritizing sustainable initiatives tailored to farmers' needs, Mountain Harvest is revolutionizing the traditional mindset surrounding coffee farming in Uganda.

One of their most commendable initiatives is the financial aid and training they provide to over 850 farmers. By paying an average of 30% above market prices and fostering community support through savings groups, Mountain Harvest is not only bolstering the coffee farming industry but also fostering a culture of investment and mutual assistance. The results speak for themselves. In just one season, Mountain Harvest extended over $50,000 in loans to farmers, boasting an impressive 96% repayment rate, some of which has been in the form of the phenomenal coffee that they are producing. 

Langdon’s investment in Mountain Harvest is an investment in Ugandan voices

As our first shipment arrives, we're eager to share the fruits of this partnership with you, our valued customers. For more information on how you can get your hands on this premium coffee, contact your Account Manager, or email