Brazil Fazenda Bela Vista

Brazil Fazenda Bela Vista

Since the inception of Fazenda Bela Vista 110 years ago, the Lima Reis family have run the 1000-hectare farm located South of Minas in the City of Nepomuceno. This unique micro climate averages 1050masl and approximately 1200-1300mm of rain per year. Due to slightly lower altitude these coffees have a mild acidity resulting in a sweet and well-balanced cup. 

This fourth-generation family-owned business is headed up by Isabela and Toni, the grandchildren of Aristides the founder, and Otavio, Isabela’s son. Environmental sustainability is a top priority for the family, protecting the place they were born, grew up and naturally love. 

Current Brazil Fazenda Bela Vista Offerings

Brazil Fazenda Bela Vista Yellow Catucai Anaerobic
Cupping Score - 84.75

Tasting Notes - Raspberry, Strawberry, Almonds

This Yellow Catucai Anaerobic varietal begins the drying process by spending 48 hours in closed sacks in the shade. They are then taken to the patio and dried for 3 days, with a further three days in static boxes. Lastly, the beans rest for 15 days and are placed in the rotative dryers dry them one last time. With a cupping score of 84.75, this coffee boasts a jammy aroma with tasting notes of Raspberry, Strawberry and Almonds.

Brazil Fazenda Bela Vista Yellow Bourbon Natural Anareobic
Cupping Score - 84.00

Tasting Notes - Mandarin, Orange, Milk Chocolate

This Yellow Bourbon has a combination of drying processes. It begins with naturally drying on the patio in thick layers, in order to create an abundance of fermentation during the 7 days they allow for this stage of the process. Often during this stage, at night when it gets colder, they pile the coffee to keep the fermentation process from slowing. 
After 7 days, the coffee is taken and enclosed in bags for 48 hours in the shade. After a further 3 days on the patio and 3 days in static boxes, the coffee beans are left to rest for 15 days. Finally, the beans are put into the rotative dryer at approximately 35°C. For the effort that goes into creating this varietal, it's worth the wait for the creamy soft acidity that this well balanced cup produces, with notes of Mandarin, Orange and Milk Chocolate.

Brazil Fazenda Bela Vista Yellow Catucai Natural
Cupping Score - 80.75
Tasting Notes - Citric Acid, Bakers Chocolate, Ganache

This naturally processed coffee has a faster drying process than some of the other varietals we have on offer from Bela Vista. It begins with 6 days in the static box, after which 7 days of rest begin. Finally the coffee is put through the rotative dryer at 35°C to complete the Yellow Catucai Natural process. With tasting notes of Citric Acid, Bakers Chocolate and Ganache, this naturally processed varietal is one to taste for yourself.

Brazil Fazenda Bela Vista Yellow Bourbon Anaerobic
Cupping Score - 85.75
Tasting Notes - Passionfruit, Melon, Turkish Delight

For this Yellow Bourbon Anaerobic varietal, the drying process begins with 48 hours in enclosed bags stored in the shade. The coffee are then removed and spend three days on the patio, and 3 days in the static box. After this, the beans have 15 days to rest before finally spending some time in the rotative dryer. With a fabulous cupping score of 85.75, this sweet varietal has a delicious Turkish Delight aroma, along with hints of stewed fruit and rose hip. With tasting notes of Passionfruit, Melon and Turkish Delight, it's definitely a cup not to be missed.