A Warm Hello As The Seasons Change

A Warm Hello As The Seasons Change

A warm hello from us at Langdon Coffee Merchants UK. We hope this finds you well and prosperous during this difficult time. As with the whole industry, it has been a tough and uncertain 2020, so please let me take the chance to thank all of our customers during the past few months. Your communication and transparency made things much easier to deal with. We hope you’ve felt that support in return.

Whilst there’s a long way to go for our industry, after lots of hard work over the past few months, we’re delighted to be in a position where we can begin to look forward. We’re happy to tell you we have coffee on the water and headed straight to the UK from two of our closest partners, Cedro Alto in Colombia and O’Coffee in Brazil. We feel these partnerships provide the UK market with the most value as fully rounded products. Amazing coffee, varied profiles, financial transparency and sustainable pricing.

In our new box, on its way from Colombia we have a Natural from Tolima,  2 stage Anaerobic from Huila and amazing washed coffee from producers we loved from the last box. We also have 3 Tracebale Micro-regionals from collective members in Planadas, Huila and Narino respectively. We love the profiles and transparency afforded to these bigger lots (no mean feat) and think you will too.

Later in the year we have another box coming from our friends at O coffee, Alta Mogiana, Brazil. Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified O coffee produces wonderful, clean, sweet classic Brazils at super competitive prices within the UK market. On top of this we have a selection of Micro-lots coming too, which add complexity and layers to how we’re viewing the capabilities of Brazilian coffee. Exciting.

We really want you all to taste these wonderful coffees and we’re convinced they’re attractive options for your wholesale and retail offerings! Get in touch for samples.

Stay well, hope to see everyone soon.