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Rwanda Cyato N

TASTING NOTES: Baked Apple, Raisin, Cream
PROCESS: Natural
VARIETAL: Red Bourbon

The Cyato Natural is a bourbon varietal that is processed at a washing station in the district of Nyamasheke, west of Rwanda, at an altitude of 1930masl. This washing station has been operational since 2017 and has a seasonal capacity to process more than 300 tonnes of coffee cherries. The location of farming borders the Nyungwe forest, creating land that is rich and fertile, perfect for growing coffee plantations. Tropic Coffee considers bees and other pollinators as essential players in food production. For a long time, the bees' role in coffee production has never been considered, until recently.  The native honeybee existing in the Nyungwe forest where Cyato coffee is grown, creates a unique profile for this coffee. During pollination, bees leave vital microorganisms, giving the coffee a more uniform size and yields better flavours.  Furthermore, research has revealed that bee pollination can increase the yield by 36-50%. 

The Cyato varietal also borders on Lake Kivu, which provides cool and wet climate at a high elevation. The coffee is grown at or above 2200masl. During the harvest season, cherries are handpicked, cleaned, and dried on African raised beds with the cherries left on. The natural process method imparts a heavy sweetness from the sticky mucilage left on the coffee. Additionally, drying the coffee in the cool climate of the forest, allows the coffee to develop a strong flavour, pleasant aroma, and increases longevity. 


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