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Rwanda Gisanga W 60kg

TASTING NOTES: Apricot, Black Cherry, Hazelnut

This Gisanga coffee is produced by over 850 local coffee farmers who are part of the Koapambu Cooperative. The local farmers bring their harvested coffee cherries to the Gisanga washing station, where over 650 tonnes of cherries are processed per season. This fully washed coffee is processed using water from Theresa's Natural Spring, situated at the washing station. It is named after the Theresa family living in the village who used the Natural Spring for washing their home processed coffee beans.

The coffee beans are sorted and pulped on the same day as delivery and fermented in open tanks for 10-16 hours. The coffee is transferred to shade protected sorting tables, and then to open raised tables for sun drying. It is rotated regularly and monitored for three weeks during the drying process.
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