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Rwanda Gisanga CWS/Koapambu COOP Anaeronic N 60kg

TASTING NOTES: Plum, Passionfruit, Port
PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural
VARIETAL: Red Bourbon

The Gisanga coffee varietal is 100% red bourbon and is grown in the Ruhango District in the Southern Province of Rwanda. This coffee uses an anaerobic natural process. After picking the coffee cherries, they are sorted and floated in water to remove defected beans. The coffee cherries are fermented for 24 to 72 hours in sealed tanks and deprived of oxygen before drying. This allows enzymes within the coffee to activate and start breaking down, converting residual sugars into alcohol, resulting in a less acidic and sweeter product. Afterwards, they are dried on raised beds in the sun. To avoid mould and other unwanted fermentation characteristics, the cherries are turned every 30 - 40 minutes. The drying process takes approximately 4 weeks.
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