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Honduras San Vicente Llama W 69kg

TASTING NOTES: Grape, Caramel, Milk Chocolate
VARIETAL: Pacas, Catuai, IHCafe, Parainema

This coffee is a combination of 23 small scale farms crops nestled between the Santa Barbara Mountain forest and the Yojoa Lake. As the only lake in Honduras, the Yojoa is known for its incredible diversity of flora, aquatic species and flourishing exotic bird life. Coffee has been grown here since the 1940s and is now the main economic driver in the area, although in 2011 almost all the coffee plants were destroyed by the La Roya disease (coffee rust) and farmers had to replant new varieties of Roya resistant crops.

Once picked, these cherries are manually de-pulped and fermented in large concrete tanks for approximately 16 hours. Then the parchment is rinsed to remove residual mucilage and laid out on raised African beds to dry for 10-25 days. This well rounded and balanced cup has delicious notes of milk chocolate, with aromas of coriander seed and flavours of green grape and caramel; one not to be missed.

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