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Honduras Renato Sanchez 35kg

TASTING NOTES: Red Currant, Toffee, Cherry
Process: Washed
Varietal: Catuai

From a very young age, Renato learned about coffee from his father who owned a farm. Here, his father taught him to work diligently and even during his high school years, they collaborated closely.

Renato planted his own Catuai coffee farm on a plot of land that his father gifted him; a 1-hectare farm. Throughout the years, he gradually acquired an additional 3-hectare plot on which he also cultivated coffee. With the profits from these farms, he purchased yet another plot of land, and so the cycle continued until he developed the farm he possesses today.

In 2006, Renato took part in the Cup of Excellence competition in Honduras, securing the 7th spot in the Western region. This achievement facilitated the sale of his coffee to a Japanese company. That inaugural exposure to specialty coffees marked a turning point for Renato.

The cherries are de-pulped one day after picking, after which the parchment is put into fermentation tanks where it is dry fermented for 12 to 18 hours. After the parchment is rinsed into the tank, it’s put out to dry for around 12 days on a concrete patio, where the coffee is raked every 30 minutes to obtain uniformity.

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