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Honduras Deiysi Munoz W 35kg

TASTING NOTES: Black Cherry, Brown Spice, Hazelnut

Ever since she was a little girl, Deiysi has worked as a coffee picker in the Santa Barbara region. Deiysi and her husband, who was a day labourer on coffee farms, used their savings to plant a coffee plot of their own. Several years later, after hearing about specialty coffee, they decided to buy a larger plot with good altitude to earn better prices for their harvests, resulting in an improvement in their livelihood.

The ripest cherries are carefully picked, and taken to the provisional wet mill location on the farm, where they are depulped each afternoon. Once depulped, the parchment is put into concrete tanks where it is dry fermented for 12-24 hours. After fermenting has finished, the coffee is then rinsed three times. Once rinsed, it is put into a solar dryer for approximately 20 days. During thee drying phase, the parchment is sorted b hand to remove any defective beans.
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