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Colombia Dora Mendez W

TASTING NOTES: Red Grape, Cardamom, Dark Chocolate
VARIETAL: Castillo, Colombia

In 2020, LCM started buying from Dora Mendez and it was clear to us straight away that Dora’s coffee would be valuable to us and the UK market. In Feb 2021, Finca Buenavista suffered a landslide, leaving a big gap in production for the coming harvest. With the help of the team at Cedro Alto, she has forgone prevailing wisdom and planted native hardwood shade trees, which will in future keep the hillside steadier, increase biodiversity and quality on the farm.

Colombia Dora Mendez coffee has an elegant, sleek body with sparkling acidity and notes of red grape and dark chocolate. Thanks to the hard work of Julio and Karl at Cedro Alto, we hope this important relationship can continue for many more harvests!


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