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Brazil Fazenda Dois Irmaos N 60kg

TASTING NOTES: Apricot, Soft Cherry, Hazelnut
PROCESS: Natural
VARIETAL: Red Catuaí

The Red
 Natural is produced from the Coromandel region, at an altitude of approximately 1,170masl. To begin, this naturally processed coffee bean is transported batch by batch to the yard using crates that drain excess water. Each batch is grouped to maintain traceability, where it is assigned an experienced Terreiro Leader, to control and manage all procedures that the coffee will endure until the processing method is complete. The coffee is laid out and remains on the drying yard until it reaches a humidity between 14% to 18%. This usually takes between 2 to 8 days, depending on the amount of water contained in the bean. The coffee is then “doubled”; reducing the amount of terrace that the coffee takes up. This task is done to homogenise the drying of the coffee and achieve a uniformity for all the coffee in each batch.

After the coffee has completed its time on the terrace, it is moved to the mechanical dryers, where the temperature is heavily controlled to be between 35°C and 40°C. The coffee is heavily monitored during this step by the Terreiro Leader assigned to the coffee to ensure the temperature does not exceed 40°C. Between every batch of coffee that passes through the mechanical dryers, all the machinery is cleaned and sanitised, including the cleaning of all waiting boxes and pre-dryers, to eliminate any contamination from one batch to the next. Once the coffee is dried to a uniform humidity between 11% to 12%, it is taken to cool and further dry before the final husking of the coffee.  

This coffee is well balanced and has a delightful creamy finish. With notes of apricot and soft cherry, this cup has a gentle sweetness that entices the tastebuds. Its hazelnut notes form the perfect finish to a high quality uniform cup.
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