Welcome to the LCM family! This private page is where you will find all the information you need when working with LCM; from names and contact information, important product links, information on trading terms and more. 

About LCM
Here at Langdon Coffee Merchants, we aim to accommodate every roasters needs; large and small. With 500g – 10kg orders for smaller roasters processed through LCM Selects; these smaller bags that we have available also allow our larger customers to experiment with green beans they haven’t had before. Orders from a single bag all the way to full pallet orders are fulfilled through our fabulous coffee teams, located in Melbourne, London and New Zealand.  

We are a small but closely connected global team of coffee enthusiasts, with a goal to build sustainable, meaningful relationships with our coffee producers and roasters alike. We know our coffee beans inside and out, and we only sell what we like to drink. When you choose to buy coffee from LCM, you can trust that your green beans have been sourced sustainably and rigorously quality tested.  
With every potential green bean purchase, we screen, cup and assess rigorously, along with pre-shipment assessments before arrival. Our feedback and results are shared directly with our suppliers to create an open and transparent sourcing relationship. We believe in making a conscious effort to have completely transparent transactions, supply chain practices, and the act of fair sale prices for the individuals who grow and farm our coffee.  
We are happy to have you as part of our little family, and look forward to working with you closely on all your green bean needs. 

Order Up
Ordering green beans is easy. Below are email links for the best contacts for your region.

Guy Wilson
Head Coffee Trader
Send Guy an email or call now

Oli Berry (VIC, SA, WA & ACT)
Coffee Trader
Send Oli an email or call now

Quinton Smith (QLD, NSW, WA & NT)
Coffee Trader
Send Quinton an email or call now

United Kindom & Ireland
Matt Randell
Coffee Trader
Send Matt an email

Fernado Queiroz
Send Fernado an email

New Zealand
Henrik Rylev
Coffee Trader
Send Henrik an email or call now

What's on Offer
Our Offer List is constantly changing and evolving. Find a list of Spot offers, or arrivals of new stock and place an order via links above or directly with your Account Manager.

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