Benjamin Paz, the legendary producer, exporter and curator of coffee experiences,
is someone who brings the coffee world together for the benefit of his home,
and it’s people. 

Langdon Coffee Merchants brings you
Benjamin on Tour in the UK.


About Benjamin Paz

Benjamin Paz's family have always worked with coffee. His grandfather was a coffee producer, and his father birthed the family coffee trading company 40 years ago, now known as Beneficio San Vicente. Benjamin has worked in the family business (San Vicente) since he was a young boy, doing everything from de-pulping and drying, to storing coffee. After completely University, he focused his efforts in the specialty coffee program. As a Honduran 2022 Cup of Excellence winner, Benjamin knows a thing or two about producing great coffee, and he shares this knowledge through San Vicente, helping us access some of the best coffees Honduras has to offer. Thanks to his contributions, the San Vicente cooperative has become recognised as one of world’s most highly esteemed sources of coffee.

Benjamin on Tour

17th October, 2023
Cupper's Choice, Sheffield 
Unit F1, G4, 19-21 Carlisle Street, Sheffield, S4 7QN

18th October, 2023
Cairngorm Coffee Roasters, Scotland 
1 Melville Place, Edinburgh, EH3 7PR
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